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  1. In My Head

    DJ Selection 445


  2. In My Head Song Lyrics

    Gasp for days but It's out of my hands
    When I wake up home, I'm ditching my prayers
    When I close my eyes, I can lust at your face
    I'm gonna fall fall hard, No I don't give a damn

    I wanna love out loud, But I'm scared to say
    It's like a tonne of bricks that will fade away
    I do it for you
    Do it for
    Do it for

    Think I won't feel a thing If I give It some time
    But your love Is a wave washing over my mind
    And stare my world now we can't hide
    Laying next to you my heart Is on fire

    Do it for
    Do it for
    Do it for
    Do it for

    Writer(s): Decilveo Jennifer, Jonback Henrik Nils, Karlsson Christian Lars, Eklow Linus Johan, Koitzsch Jimmy Kennet
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    1. Galantis


    2. Jennifer Decilveo

      Music Director

    3. Jimmy 'Svidden' Koitzsch

      Music Director

    4. Linus 'Style Of Eyé Eklöw

      Music Director

    5. Henrik Jonback

      Music Director

    6. Christian 'Bloodshy' Karlsson

      Music Director

    7. Lyricist