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  1. Deadpool Song (Deadpool Song)

    Deadpool Song (Deadpool Song)


  2. Deadpool Song (Deadpool Song) Song Lyrics

    Forced Laughter (HAHAHA)
    Declaration of Excitement
    This is a song itself referential
    (Ha) Both dead cool, both mental
    Both used terms that are frowned on in general (Hey!)
    We're giving you a heart attack
    The proper medical term for that's cardiac (Ha!)
    We put in two hundred percent
    You're probably only doin' about half of that
    Who's this beautiful dude doin' martial arts? (Hey!)
    Where's Miss Marvel at?
    I'm a marvellous marvel to marvel ya marvel at
    Throwing marbles at marmosets
    Wearin' a tight black of a pajama set
    Nommin' marmolade 'cuz I'm Marvel(TM) mate
    And now I gotta dash because I'm rather late

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