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  1. Aaraduguluntada (From "Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu")

    The Prince


  2. Aaraduguluntada (From "Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu") Song Lyrics

    Every girl dreams about a man of her heart... This is one such a song which describes what kind of traits a girl expects in the man of her dreams

    Aaraduguluntada yedadugulesthada
    Is he six feet tall? Is he ready to take the seven sacred steps with me?

    Yemadigina iche vaada
    Does he bestow me all those things that I ask for?

    Aasa peduthuntada aata paduthuntada
    Will he fascinate me? Will he tease me playfully?

    Andariki nachese vaada
    Will he be admired by everyone?

    Sarigga sarigga sarigga nilavavenduke
    Why don't you(heart) be steady at a place?

    Berugga berugga aipoke
    Do not feel shy and behave like a stranger

    Baduledi ivvakunda velipoke
    Without answering my questions do not go away

    || Aaraduguluntada ||

    Matala itukalatho gundello kotalu kattey ra
    With your words as bricks, build a palace in my heart

    Kaburula chinukulatho vodi kalalanni thadipeyya ra
    With your lovely talk, wet my dreams like raindrops

    Oosula urukulatho oohalake oopiri oodey ra
    With your ceaseless conversation, enliven my imagination

    Palukula alikidi tho aasalake aayuvu poyara
    With the sound of your speech, give life to my desires

    Mounamai vaadu unte pranamemavvuno
    If he falls silent, what would happen to my life?

    Nuve na prapancham anesthu venaka thiruguthu, nuve na samastham antade
    Saying that I am his world and his everything, he follows me

    Kalalona kuda kaalu kandaneede
    Even in dreams... he would treat me dearly like a princess

    || Aaraduguluntada ||

    Adigina samayam lo thanu alavokaga nanu moyali
    When I ask for, he should effortlessly carry me in his arms

    Sogasunu pogadadame thanakalavatipovali
    He should develop a habit of praising my beauty: P

    Panulani panchukune manasunte inkem kavali
    If he is ready to share my work, what else would I need than such a beautiful heart?

    Alakani thelusukuni andanga brathimalali
    Sensing my anger, he should appease me pleasingly

    Korikedainagani theerchi theeralani
    He should fulfill all my all my wishes... whatever they might me

    Athanne athanne athanne chudadaniki, vayasse thapisthu untunde
    To confront such a person, the spirit of my life is craving

    Apudinka vaadu nannu cheruthaade
    He would eventually reach me

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    1. Kalyani


    2. Mickey J Meyer

      Music Director

    3. Anantha Sriram