JioSaavn, India’s leading music and audio-streaming service, has recently introduced India Superhits Top 50- a series of playlists of the Top 50 most listened to songs across 15 languages. India Superhits Top 50 is a reflection of what listeners in India are listening to the most. The audio streaming service  updates these  playlists on a weekly basis which purely reflects the song’s popularity based on the streaming data of over 100 Mn+ JioSaavn users.


Indian Superhits Top 50 playlists will be available in – English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Assamese, Haryanavi, Gujarati, Rajasthani & Odia.


With these playlists artists can now monitor the performance of their songs across the country, on a weekly basis.  The dynamic  nature of India Superhits Top 50 playlists make room for songs that sometimes gain popularity a lot later than their actual year of release. For instance songs that were released in the 60s but become viral sensations because of being used on viral social media trends or featured in movies and television shows. 


This  series of 15 playlists across Indian languages will be promoted on  JioSaavn’s homepage. Music and artists from these lists will also be regularly featured on JioSaavn’s social media platforms, providing them with an opportunity to directly engage with their audience irrespective of the date of release of their music. This will help artists with adding on to the longevity of their marketing exercises.  


India Superhits Top 50, one of the country’s largest music charts, will give listeners a single stop destination to listen to the  most popular and highest streamed songs of every week keeping them updated on the latest music trends.  This series aims to  encourage users to explore new music by giving them access to their favorite pop music in their preferred language with just one series.


About JioSaavn:

Founded in 2007, JioSaavn is India’s leading audio streaming service with over 100 MN+ monthly active users (MAUs), listening to a vast global catalogue of music and podcasts comprising 80 million+ tracks in 16 languages. Customers can enjoy their favourite music and podcasts on JioSaavn across multiple  platforms spanning smartphones (Android, iOS), JioPhones and web. JioSaavn is available in twelve different display language interfaces. Its premium paid subscription “JioSaavn Pro”gives customers access to a 100% ad-free music listening experience with unlimited offline downloads, superior audio quality, and more.