December has always been a time to reflect on the year that was. Through the year’s ups and downs there is always reason to celebrate. Some years see the rise of new genres. Some see the revival of that which was forgotten. Some artists dominate charts (and hearts) almost every year. Newer ones find their sounds, in some cases skyrocketing to viral infamy. Over the last 4 years, our year end review products have aimed to do just that – celebrate the music and podcasts that moved us through the year. Find your personal #JioSaavnReplay here.

JioSaavn Replay is possibly the most collaborative initiative we take as a company every year. From crunching the data to creating a design system that can showcase it to taking it to creators – it takes members across product, engineering, design and marketing to bring it to life. This year is truly exciting for our creator focused products as we not only build on what we’ve created so far but also introduce some new ones. All artists registered on Artist Insights and YourCast with over 1000 streams will be able to access their replay once signed in. You will find details on total streams through the year, listeners and countries your music is heard. All of these are designed into a nifty card which you can share on social media. Additionally, this year you will also have access to a dedicated card for your most streamed track. We are also excited to extend JioSaavn Replay to podcasters for the first time this year. Podcasters will be able to total streams, listeners and countries heard in for their most streamed podcast. 

On JioSaavn’s YouTube channel, you will be able to catch two special edition year end round tables. The musician’s round table is moderated by veteran music journalist Amit Gurbaxani and the podcaster’s round table by stand-up comedian Sanjay Manaktala . Both panels feature some of the most successful artists on the platform talking about the year that was, their stories and the strategies that made them who they are today. Whether you are an emerging artist or someone who or someone who has a lay of the landscape – these conversations aim to have some kind of take away for every kind of artist. 

Music and Podcasts kept the world sane through what might have been the most difficult year of our collective lives. But, it is also going to be known as the year that art and culture reinvented itself. 2020 is the year that opened the playing field to non-film music like no year prior. 2020 is the year film music adapted to release and thrive in a world without theatres. 2020 is the year podcasts became a mainstay. As the year draws to an end, we continue to move together and towards everything 2021 will have to offer. 

If you are a musician, you can check your JioSaavn Replay by logging into Artist Insights.

If you are a podcaster, you can check your JioSaavn Replay by logging into YourCast.

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