Users can expect updates like improved AI-powered recommendations and the addition of music videos to the JioSaavn experience.

JioSaavn, the largest streaming platform for South Asian music and audio entertainment, is today announcing a series of updates to its User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) across platforms. Users of JioSaavn will notice several new design and functionality elements today, with more to be released in the coming weeks. The product changes reflect smoother interactions and a cleaner look.

Updates that are currently live include a new homepage navigation, faster AI-powered recommendations, new artist profiles, and a more dynamic browse screen. A series of more comprehensive product updates are launching soon, such as a new smartphone playback experience that includes music videos; new Web and Desktop products will be more reflective of the smartphone experience; and Jio Set Top Box will be fully redesigned and loaded with new features.

One of the most exciting updates is the app’s AI functionality. JioSaavn is augmenting classical collaborative filtering approaches, such as Matrix Factorization and Word2Vec, with deep learning based models. The result is vastly improved recommendations and discovery platform by using a hybrid system of audio similarity and users’ listening patterns. This also helps the app serve quality recommendations across all regional languages in addition to Hindi and English.

“We’re constantly thinking about ways to provide listeners with the highest quality streaming technology and the most enjoyable experience possible. Discovery of new music continues to be an important component to streaming, so we wanted to prioritize a sharpened engine for relevant recommendations and track suggestions. We’re also excited to announce product updates across all of our platforms that make for a seamless, intuitive experience. In these uncertain times, simplicity and music are wonderful gifts,” Clint Balcom, Chief Product Officer and SVP of Design at JioSaavn said.

Here is a full list of JioSaavn product updates:

Currently Live:

  • New homepage navigation with easy access to Podcasts and JioTunes

  • New “Living Search” with recommendations and Shorties – 15 second looping visuals to accompany select tracks). Artists like Eric Nam, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Alesso, Martin Garrix, Siddhu Moosewala, Bohemia, Zaeden, Armaan and Marshmello are among the first to appear in the “Shorties” launch

  • New browse screen with improved content channels and personalized playlists

  • Dramatic improvements to AI for smarter and faster recommendations

  • New artist profiles with improved organization, recent releases, featured playlists, and full discography

  • Design changes throughout the apps, with better and smoother interactions and cleaner UI

Upcoming Product Updates

  •  New smartphone player with videos, new UI, autoplay, and more

  •  New Web & Desktop product, bringing full parity with smartphone apps

  •  New JioPhone homepage with faster access to content

  •  New Jio Set Top Box app with overhauled UI and loaded with new features.

  •  New UI for Pro Wallet with easier browsing and additional Pro Deals

  • New podcasts homepage with podcast categories, as well as featured and exclusive content