As we enter June and PRIDE festivities, it’s hard not to look back on the last few months as a bizarre and unique moment to go inward, to reflect and to become more comfortable with just being with ourselves. Without the external circus of our lives spinning around us, we’ve had an opportunity to uncover a whole new world of acceptance — the fabric of love in all of its forms. 

This is something the LGBTQIA+ community has some experience with. For many, it’s been a lifelong journey to recognize we are all in fact the source of our own self-worth and love. Regardless of your sexual orientation, if you are someone who knows the value of just doing you, then we believe you have something powerful to share with the world. Radical acceptance of ourselves = radical acceptance of LOVE in all varieties. This Is Coexistence.

The story of harmony is best expressed through art and music. In that spirit, JioSaavn is celebrating Pride Month for the second time and is thrilled to be hosting various curators from the community for each of the five weeks in June including Keshav Suri, Harish Iyer, Sushant Divgikar and Leo Kalyan. The curators will feature with friends and allies (Faye D’souza & Sona Mohapatra) in a series of online tête-à-têtes via our new YouTube property ‘Ally Hour’ where they will share inspiring stories of self-discovery, moments that changed their outlook, hopes for the community and the songs that inspired them. Our guest curators will also create “Made By” playlists for the month of June which will be featured prominently on the platform. 

JioSaavn has been doing some internal work, as well. In continued support of, and as an enthusiastic ally of Pride Month, we will be creating new resources for Diversity & Inclusion. As part of that, we look forward to inviting experts through the year to connect with our teams and educate us on what it means to create truly inclusive office cultures in which everyone feels safe, accepted, and celebrated.

Together, we can celebrate our uniqueness and our individual power, while deconstructing stigmas to reveal a core of impenetrable PRIDE. 

The world has been on pause, but what matters is that we play on.