Halfway through 2019, we can safely say that digital audio streaming is on an unprecedented rise worldwide. It is everyone’s favorite workout motivator, mood enhancer, and commute companion – thanks to round-the-clock access to digital streaming and personalized playlists for every occasion.

For advertisers, this is an opportunity to reach millions of users and talk directly to them in an environment where the message will stick. This is where we come in.

Welcome to JioSaavn for Brands – your go-to source of information on all things digital audio. Whether you’re looking for audience insights, latest updates from JioSaavn, or tips on making the most of advertising with us, we’ve got you covered.


Jiosaavn – the Platform Your Brand Needs  

We help your brand build a rhythm of success by tuning into our listeners’ passion and creating authentic connections.

Audio is an experience – intimate, immersive, and recurring. Millions of users have adapted to the digital experience of mobile audio, and it’s your time to talk to them. Engage with your audience right where they are and grow your brand through strong emotional and behavioral uplifts.

Identify. We constantly analyse rich listener data and create valuable insight-driven user segments.  Reach your desired target audience at scale and establish meaningful bonds where they matter most.

Communicate. We believe that advertising goes beyond just creatives – our immersive ad formats are contextual and relevant. Integrate within our high-engagement audio environment to deliver messages that feel personal and non-intrusive.

Amplify. We have designed our platform to help grow your brand and drive real results. Accomplish your business goals and achieve measurable returns on investment through customized experiences that create an impact.


Why JioSaavn?

Digital audio advertising is on a journey, and JioSaavn has always been at the forefront. As early adopters of digital audio, we have always been passionate about its potential and have always taken the time to educate advertisers on how to make the most of it.

What specific mood-based playlists can your brand resonate with? What is your audience listening to? How can you harness the power of audio to grow your brand? With a library of over 50 million tracks and a highly-engaged user base whose average streaming session lasts 44 minutes, JioSaavn has all the insights you need.    

Ready to share your brand story? Reach out to us at advertising@jiosaavn.com.

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