The popular electronic music artist is making waves across the Atlantic, and beyond, with No Games, an Artist Originals (AO) collaboration with music streaming company, Saavn.

Mumbai & New York – April 3, 2017 – Saavn, South Asia’s audio and music streaming service, in collaboration with electronic music artist, Sickick, announced the release of Sickick’s newest single, No Games. The song, which is now available to stream globally, is the latest in Sickick’s own genre “Sickhop” — a blend of hip-hop, R&B and melodic dance music. It is the second original release under Saavn’s Artist Originals (AO) repertoire, a program launched in February to empower artists, songwriters and producers from around the world and connect East-West talent and fans.

Sickick is a well-known, multi-faceted artist and instrumentalist with a unique vocal tone and serious production talent. He opened for Drake last year, and is making waves with 15M+ views on YouTube.

He is known in the underground music scene for wearing a mask at every show and public appearance, a decision he attributes to his laser-focused commitment to the music, rather than the need to promote an identity based on physicality, ethnicity, race or culture. His masked appearance makes a powerful statement about stereotypes and music genres. While Sickick’s real identity remains an industry secret, the lyrics and production of his latest track “No Games,” reveals he might just be like the rest of us. The song is a melodic ode to a relationship challenge we can all relate to.

As he sings in the bridge:

My love is not a game,
You come with pleasure and pain.
But who am I to blame?
Baby I treat you the same.

With No Games, Sickick is releasing new music through a streaming service for the first time, having released his previous work independently.

“Sickick’s goal is to spread the sickness to as many people as possible with his music and message, which comes down to: ‘everyone has a dark side, find the beauty in yours.’ Saavn opens up an entirely new audience, and we’re excited to release this single on their platform,” Nish Bhargava, Sickick’s manager, said.

“It’s an exciting time for Saavn — as we focus on discovering and developing new artists. I was introduced to Sickick’s music through a colleague, and was immediately impressed by his writing, production, and vocal prowess. There are many independent acts, like Sickick, who are looking for a new way to release their music, where they receive maximum exposure and retain creative control over their art. That’s why we started Artist Originals.” Neal Sarin, Associate A&R Director for Saavn, said.

Saavn, which is a leading music streaming service in South Asia, will be promoting and distributing Sickick’s new track globally through The Orchard, the leading music distributor across digital and physical channels in 25 global markets. This allows for Sickick to be one of the first indie artists in the West to tap into a South Asian fanbase through the largest possible digital channel.

“We built AO on the Saavn platform to enable independent artists to reach consumers with organized distribution and economics,” said Paramdeep Singh, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Saavn. “We are working with artists to develop their music, brand, and provide them with real-time data. Through our partnership with The Orchard, we are able to deliver these AO music releases to consumers across all major streaming services.”

The news follows Saavn’s initial Artist Originals launch with the release of Azaad Hu Mai, a track produced with Indian hip-hop star, Naezy. The song garnered 500,000 streams in the first week. With Artist Originals, Saavn has become the first streaming company to conceptualize, produce and distribute new music with independent artists in India and North America.

Sickick’s No Games is available to stream globally today. Listen to No Games by Sickick on Saavn.