We are excited to announce a Saavn Beta program on the Sonos Labs platform (www.saavn.com/sonos), just in time for Diwali!

At Saavn, we strive to provide the best music listening experience to our users  – and now, Saavn Pro users will be able to enjoy Saavn’s catalog of over two million tracks on their HiFi Sonos speakers. In addition to the latest releases, featured playlists and popular radio stations, Pro users can also listen to their own curated Saavn library via the Sonos platform.

Why Sonos? Sonos wireless speakers have incredibly high fidelity, and there’s a Sonos speaker custom-designed for any space in a home. In addition, the Sonos Controller App, available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, makes it easy for users to browse and play music on one or more Sonos speakers.

Saavn has always been a company of firsts when it comes to South Asian music products, be it introducing streaming capabilities across multiple platforms or giving users an unencumbered experience with Saavn Pro. After receiving numerous requests to partner with Sonos via social media,  and in appreciation for our users, we worked overtime to be the first South Asian music service to bring them this unique experience of effortless browsing and sensational audio quality.

Don’t have a Saavn Pro subscription? You can sign up for a 7 day free trial at http://www.saavn.com/corporate/pro, with no obligation to Saavn or Sonos. We hope you like what you hear and will continue your subscription with us.

Over the next couple of months, during the Beta program, we will tweak and improve our offering based on feedback from our users and the Sonos team, after which we will be fully live on the Sonos platform.

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From the entire Saavn team, we wish you a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year! For questions/feedback, email us at sonos-support@saavn.com.

Saavn Daalo, Music Barsao,
Arjun Venkateswaran – Product Manager, Saavn Web Properties