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Music & Culture · Jun 13, ’19 · JioSaavn

Music is for everyone. And so is love. If there’s one thing we know about music, it’s that it knows no borders. At JioSaavn, we’ve been fortunate enough to build an entire company around the universality of music and the cultural underpinnings that keep us coming back to our favorite songs and playlists regardless of…

Introducing JioSaavn for Brands – Our Audience is Ready to Hear Your Story

Ad Platform · Jun 3, ’19 · JioSaavn

Halfway through 2019, we can safely say that digital audio streaming is on an unprecedented rise worldwide. It is everyone’s favorite workout motivator, mood enhancer, and commute companion – thanks to round-the-clock access to digital streaming and personalized playlists for every occasion. For advertisers, this is an opportunity to reach millions of users and talk…

Press Releases · May 29, ’19

Snapchat and JioSaavn Partner To Enable Connection, Discovery and Seamless Sharing of Indian Music

Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP), parent company of Snapchat and JioSaavn, the largest audio streaming service for South Asian music and artists – are today announcing a partnership aimed at connecting with millions of South Asian mobile users worldwide. The integration will allow JioSaavn users to share what they are listening to from the JioSaavn app…

Press Releases · May 22, ’19

Creating Millions of Music Curators, JioSaavn Launches New Integration With Instagram & Facebook

JioSaavn now enables users to share its catalog of over 50 million songs to Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. New York, NY, and Mumbai, IN // May 21, 2019 // With millions of monthly active users worldwide, JioSaavn, the largest audio streaming platform for South Asian music and artists, is today announcing the rollout of…

Press Releases · Apr 8, ’19

JioSaavn’s Programmatic Audio Inventory Now Available on Google’s DV360 in India

JioSaavn’s programmatic audio inventory is now available on Google’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) – Display & Video 360 (formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager), adding all-new dynamics to the digital advertising gameplay in India. India registered about 150 million music streaming users at the end of 2018, paving the way for programmatic audio[af1] in the…

Press Releases · Dec 4, ’18

JioMusic and Saavn integrate to create South Asia’s largest platform for music, media and artists—JioSaavn

New integrated platform now available across all App stores and at jio.com/JioSaavn With a catalog of more than 45 million songs and award-winning original content, JioSaavn brings users a wide-ranging audio experience Current JioMusic and Saavn users to migrate to the integrated JioSaavn platform Jio subscribers would enjoy seamless access to the integrated app December 4,…

[F|Ph]onetics at Saa[vn|wan]

Engineering · Apr 27, ’18 · Lekha Muraleedharan, Senior Software Engineer - Search Relevance

The Saavn music catalogue contains 40 million songs, spanning over a hundred different Indian languages. These songs have names containing Indian words but the app stores and displays these names in Roman script (i.e. English). Search over such a multilingual and heterogeneous catalogue is a mammoth task which brings us face-to-face with a number of…

Building a Search Microservice at Saavn

Engineering · Apr 13, ’18 · Akshay Murarka, Senior Software Development Engineer

Since its inception, Saavn has used REST architecture for it’s suite of core products, and like most apps, the underlying protocol has been HTTP. This has been performing great for us, but we’re always looking for ways to improve. With access to ever-evolving technology, and an increasing user base, we’re committed to finding new ways…

Press Releases · Mar 23, ’18

Integration of JioMusic and Saavn in a Transaction Valued at Over US $1 Billion

Reliance Industries Limited announces strategic transaction with Saavn to form India’s largest platform for music, media, and artists. Integration of JioMusic and Saavn in a transaction valued at over US $1 Billion. Reliance to further invest up to US $100 Million for growth. Saavn founders to drive growth of the combined entity. Mumbai, India and…