Hits that Made 2019 a Super-Hit.

Rewind. Remember. Replay.

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Remember the Downpour of Hits in July?

Where there’s JioSaavn, there’s a Saavn of superhits. And, in July, you streamed non-stop. What’s more? We recorded the most number of active users on Fridays. Guess nothing dampens your spirit.

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Ve Maahi Was Everyone's Maahi

Remember how the world fell in love to one song? Ve Maahi was the most-streamed track of the year, and the soundtrack to your love story.

Check out the other Top 5 songs below.

BIBA Pe Duniya Nachdi

BIBA Pe Duniya Nachdi.

Marshmello’s ode to Bollywood was streamed for more than 1.7 M hours on JioSaavn, and over 51 M views on YouTube. Let’s bring in the New Year with Biba?

Let’s Remember Our Hot New Viral Sensation.

Can you guess whose voice the world fell for?

Ranu Mondal
B Praak

Your boy B Praak peaked in such a short span of time!

See the Top 5 viral artists below.

Mobile lyrics

Remember How Singing the Wrong Lyrics Became History?

Phone with lyrics

Pick the right lyrics for this superhit.

Banno tera sweater laage sexy
Banno tera swagger laage sexy
You want it, you got it! Lyrics were the most-requested feature of 2019, and now we can all sing along together.

Remember How Your Aashiqui for Arijit Stayed Strong?

Arijit’s our most-streamed artist of 2019. He’s here to stay and win hearts.

Ready to replay our top-streamed artists?

See the Top 5 most streamed artists below


Remember How Good Old Tring-Tring Became History?

Guess the most-popular JioTune among our users.

Ve Maahi
Thank You, Next

So many of you chose a JioTune, and say hello with a song. And, millions chose to say hello with Ve Maahi by Arijit and Asees.


Remember How You Binged with Your Eyes Closed?


2019 was the year you discovered new podcasts and a new form of entertainment. Can you guess which was our most popular original podcast?

Kahaani Express
Bhai Ke Raapchik Reviews
Talking Music
Kahaani Express gave us all a happy journey, and was streamed over 7M times.

From the rockstar who bought a 17-year JioSaavn Pro subscription to users like you who played non-stop, thank you for making 2019 a super-hit. Here’s a glimpse of your year in music. Do share it with your friends for some bragging rights.

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